We are Vectare.

We want to revolutionise transport.

Do you need an innovative solution?

Vectare offers a wide range of services to the transport, education, retail and entertainment sectors, all focused on improving customer service and delivering improved efficiency.

Responsible for school bus services?

Frustrated with expensive admin?

We can help you.

VecTive offers you a fully customisable online software solution for promoting and managing your school buses. Your version will be bespoke for you, but based on standard code, allowing us to charge extremely competitive prices. Expect the system to pay for itself from month one.

Are your passengers comfortable?

Are they enjoying the ride?

We can tell you…

On any individual journey, passengers only come into contact with a couple of your employees. Your customers will recognise and appreciate good customer service, and your employees will appreciate recognition for delivering that service. Mystery shopping is an excellent tool for keeping standards high.

We can resolve your emergencies.

Call us on 0115 777 3035 – any time.

We work to the highest standards.

When time is short, and you need a transport problem solving, Vectare is ready. Maybe a key school transport provider has ceased trading, you need to implement a short notice service change or a major incident has occurred and you need to keep passengers informed. Whatever the problem, call us today.

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