data analysis

Bus and coach operators now have a wealth of data at their fingertips, and all of this data can be leveraged to inform better service planning decisions. But before you can use this data productively, you need it to be thoroughly analysed and attractively presented. Our data analysis and visualisation solutions, which are based on the Google Maps platform, are a flexible and affordable way of giving your commercial teams the data they need to design profitable routes and timetables.

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data visualisation

The old phrase "a picture paints a thousand words" has never been more true than in the context of public transport route planning. Passenger boarding and alighting data, typically presented in a series of spreadsheets, is essential for planning efficient and effective routes. However, when you take this data and display it visually, its utility increases by an order of magnitude. Patterns become easier to spot, anomalous data is contextualised and options for combining different routes and intermodal integration seem to just leap from the page. Our service is fully bespoke; we download the data from whatever source you hold it in, analyse and visualise it and then upload it as a series of interactive maps. All of our data analysis and visualisation clients download their data from secure online portals, so your data is available 24/7, anywhere in the world.

Better planned and promoted routes, coupled with Reading Buses’ usual high operational and customer service standards, have led to increased patronage. We’ve seen growth rates of up to 17%, and Vectare were also able to use data to identify scheduling changes that saved us two PVR without withdrawing any routes.
— Martijn Gilbert, CEO, Reading Buses

postcode heatmapping

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Route planning can be greatly enhanced if you have a clear understanding of where your potential passengers live. Whether you're investigating a new school or works service, mapping out the distribution of bus pass holders on a certain route or writing a business case for special event services, the ability to quickly visualise postcode locations is a powerful tool. As mobility becomes more personal, consumers are expecting bus and coach routes to be more closely aligned to their needs,  and postcode mapping can help you to achieve this. We offer postcode mapping both as a standalone service, and as part of our wider suite of data analysis and consultancy products. Get in touch now for a free postcode mapping quote from our data analysis team.

route simulations

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As part of more advanced transport planning and analysis projects, you may require some route and journey time simulations. We harness advanced routing algorithms to calculate journey times from given points (e.g. a potential new depot site), and we can also simulate the operation of new routes at different times of the day, using average traffic data to enhance reliability. It goes without saying that we can visualise this data in a wide range of formats, suitable for whatever application you require it for, and we'll present it in an attractive and visually appealing way to help you communicate your proposal to stakeholders.