Logistics on the ground

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As part of the Directors’ commitment to actively engage with their team, we have been on the ground today co-ordinating logistics for a regular client’s Speech Day. Arranging the smooth arrival and departure of VIP guests, attendees and employees, we managed a team of the client’s own personnel alongside our staff.

I relish opportunities to actually do the work that we ask our employees to do, because I believe that it deepens my understanding of the nature of our work. We obviously understand what we are committing to do as a company when we quote for and plan work, but there is a considerable amount of work that goes on behind the scenes that would completely pass us by as Directors if we never saw it first-hand.

Today is a prime example; there were numerous minor issues that we were called upon to solve, often at very short notice. Heavy rain last night made ground conditions challenging to say the least, and we had an operational vehicle on standby in case of any spinning wheels, but what we were not expecting was the ingress of a quantity of water into the event venue itself. We were called upon to devise an effective solution in very short order, but it was imperative that we implemented the solution with minimum disruption, given that the event was underway at this point. We removed all the standing water from the places where leaks were occurring, and then stationed people at each point, assigned with the task of removing as much water as they could, as quietly as possible!

Our aim was to ensure that members of the public still enjoyed the high standard of service that they were expecting, and the pre-event planning we had completed ensured that this was still possible. By applying transport industry logistics to the event management sector, we were able to respond effectively to a short-notice challenge, whilst also ensuring that tiny details like every guest receiving a bottle of chilled water were still attended to.