19th December 2019

Safeguarding students on the school run

Vectare are delighted to announce that they have been selected, following a rigorous procurement exercise, as the sole supplier of home to school transport technology to YPO. Vectare and YPO have entered into a multi-year strategic partnership for the supply of school transport tracking, booking, registration and management systems, providing public sector organisations with a compliant route to market for accessing these products.

Founded by two transport entrepreneurs in 2016, Vectare are transforming the way that children travel to and from school. They are already responsible for coordinating in excess of 1.2 million home to school journeys per annum, working in partnership with independent schools, further education colleges and bus and coach operators. Their focus on intuitive, easy to use technology, coupled with a desire to provide industry leading customer service, has paid dividends.

Peter Nathanail, Commercial and Operations Director at Vectare, described the strategic partnership with YPO as “game-changing”, saying “For too long, travelling to school by bus has involved stress and uncertainty. Where does the bus stop, will it turn up, and how much will it cost? With young people increasingly seeking to reduce their personal carbon footprint, we set out to use technology to make it much easier to plan a journey from home to school. Our technology offers paperless booking, real time vehicle tracking and also allows parents to get notifications as students get on and off, enhancing confidence in the service. It’s fantastic that, through this strategic partnership, thousands more students will be able to enjoy safe, reliable and sustainable transport to school”.

To read more about the Home to School Transport Solution, read our blog post on the YPO website at

To find out more about procuring technology from Vectare via this framework, refer to Framework 949 on the YPO website at

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