I’m delighted that Bromley High School pupils and parents are benefiting from Vectare’s innovative school bus planning and booking service
— Angela Drew, Headmistress, Bromley High School GDST

Our school transport solutions start working for you before a student has decided to use your transport services - and sometimes before the student has even decided to come to your school. We create a bespoke transport website for your school, promoting each route individually and providing parents with the key information about your bus, coach and minibus services.

This includes essential details (routes, times and fares) and also geographical information via interactive Google maps. These show parents the precise location of each bus stop, cross-referenced to the NaPTAN database for official bus stops and identified using longitudes and latitudes for other stopping locations. The detail is even sufficient for parents to see which side of the road their child needs to wait on to catch the bus - information they’ll only need once, but vital information nonetheless because it removes a little bit of stress and uncertainty from the first day at school.

Parents can also search using their postcode and identify their closest bus stops, including those which are within driving distance but not walking distance. This helps to demystify the process of planning the journey to school, and it also demonstrates to a prospective family how easy it would be for their child to get to and from your school on a daily basis.

Our journey planning system integrates seamlessly with our paperless booking system, designed to eliminate the hassle and inconvenience of manually processing transport booking requests.


Our paperless booking system has almost eliminated transport related administration, and parents really like the simple interface for choosing journeys.
— James Gregory, Director of Operations, Trent College

Whether parents at your school can already fill in an online transport booking request form, or they still have to print out and return paperwork, we’re confident that you won’t have come across a system as easy and intuitive as ours. Designed to be simple and efficient to use, it’s modeled on the booking and reservation systems used by some of the biggest names in transport, including National Express, British Airways and SNCF.

Designed and built in-house by our very own team of graphic designers and web developers, our award-winning booking system was created specifically for schools, with the aim of consigning the paper bus pass booking form to the recycling bin. Our technology handles thousands of journeys every day, serving some of the best-known schools in the UK.

Parents enter the booking system either via our journey planner or directly from your bespoke transport website. Where parents have previously used the journey planner to select their desired route and stop, these details will be remembered and pre-filled at the relevant stage of the booking process. The booking form takes just a minute or two to complete, and is capable of handling complex bookings involving multiple siblings, varied travel patterns and the use of different bus routes on different days of the week.

Our system manages vehicle capacities in real time, ensuring that parents can never book a journey where a seat would not be available. This enables instant confirmation of bookings, with an automated confirmation email sent to the parent for peace of mind. In excess of 70% of bookings made using our system are actually made outside of normal office hours, which shows that parents really value the ability to make travel arrangements for their child 24/7/365, without needing to wait for confirmation.




Parents, quite understandably, haven’t always been entirely comfortable leaving their children to catch the bus to school by themselves, especially for younger children who may not have traveled independently before.

Travel by bus and coach is actually many times safer than travel by car, especially where schools procure dedicated vehicles with DBS checked drivers from reputable operators. However, modern technology can now give parents peace of mind about the journey to and from school, using live GPS tracking to monitor vehicles in real time, and RFID Oyster-style smartcards to track passenger travel patterns.

Driver App 1.PNG

Our Driver App, available for use on Android and iOS phones and tablets, displays passenger information to drivers in real time, ensuring that they know exactly who is booked onto their bus for a given journey. They register passengers electronically, creating an instantly accessible record of every journey made and thus permitting the school to very quickly download a list of passengers on a bus in the event of an incident that requires this. Passengers can use RFID Oyster-style smartcards or stickers to register their presence, reducing the time taken for each passenger to be registered and keeping your buses moving efficiently.

The driver app also provides real time GPS tracking, allowing schools and parents (if desired) to see where their child’s bus is. Custom alerts can be sent to parents when their children get on and off a bus, ensuring total visibility of the journey to and from school and offering significant safeguarding benefits.

Our technology also generates and stores a wealth of data which can be used to optimise and improve your transport services over time. We offer custom reports to enable you to review how effective your transport services are at meeting the needs of your school, and you can also make use of our data analysis and consultancy services if additional support is required.



I really do appreciate all the hard work you do for us! Thanks once again for everything. You really do make life very easy for me!
— Chloe Barrett, Operations Manager, Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge School

Managing transport services is hard work. Big bus operators employ hundreds of office staff to keep the wheels turning, working in roles from compliance to customer services. A school bus network is obviously a much smaller undertaking, but much of the work that goes into running a normal bus service is needed to transport pupils safely and reliably as well.

That’s why we’ve developed our Fully Managed School Transport Solution, staffed and managed only by people with direct experience of the bus and coach industry.

We take on the management of every aspect of your transport service, from handling customer queries by telephone, email and social media seven days a week through to using advanced data analysis to tweak routes and timetables and improve punctuality.

We use our award-winning technology to ensure that we are efficient and cost-effective, but it’s our customer service that really differentiates us from our competitors, Things like our industry leading Customer Services opening hours, our “Meet the Manager” sessions which give your parents the chance to meet our senior leaders in person and ask questions about your transport provision and our super quick response times, in accordance with an agreed Service Level Agreement, all contribute towards providing your parents with the very best school transport service possible.

We believe that our service speaks for itself, and truly differentiates ourselves from our competitors. That’s evidenced by the regular positive comments that we receive from parents, students and bus operators who we work with, as seen here.

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