Our consultancy services are designed to improve the quality of your passenger transport services, whilst also ensuring that they represent excellent value for money for those who are funding them. We blend extensive transport industry experience with advanced data analysis and mapping technology, and the result is a bespoke solution to your transportation challenges.

Vectare take an active part in the management of the School Bus Service, undertaking route reviews and cost analysis. What sets their team apart from the rest is their sheer depth of knowledge and passion for their subject.
— James Gregory, Director of Operations, Trent College
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The journey to school is an important part of a parent's decision-making process when it comes to selecting an educational establishment for their child. The breadth and quality of your school transport network will have a direct impact on your conversion rate for admissions enquiries - and there are many parents who won't even consider a school if there isn't a potential transport option available. An excellent network of school bus, coach and taxi services is a powerful marketing tool which will give you a competitive edge over other local schools - and fewer car journeys onto your school site delivers environmental and traffic management benefits as well.


transport network planning

Public transport routes need to aggregate transport demand in a certain direction, at a certain time, in order to provide an attractive service that is also economically viable. But travel patterns change over time, so it’s important to make sure that your services are still meeting the needs of your passengers, and that resources are still being deployed as efficiently as possible. Additionally, there is scope to grow demand for your services by identifying as-yet untapped demand - frequency enhancements or new, direct links can generate significant growth in passenger numbers.

Our network planning projects all have in-depth data analysis at the heart of them. We analyse electronic ticket machine data in great detail, and also conduct detailed surveying of passenger travel habits on board vehicles, ensuring that we gain a comprehensive picture of who is using your services, where they are going and why they are taking the route that they take. Feedback from your drivers, operations team and customer services team is also really valuable. Once we’ve collated and analysed all of the data, we use advanced GIS techniques to plan new routes and create new working timetables, so that our final output is a fully costed, launch ready network plan.


marketing and communications

Whenever you make changes to your transport services, it is essential that these changes are communicated well in advance. Passengers will need to check and adjust their travel habits, and you also want to promote any service enhancements that you are making to ensure that as many potential passengers as possible know about their improved services.

We work with you to draw up a full marketing plan, and we then provide a fully managed graphic design and print solution, from leaflets, flyers and business cards to large format map printing, premium roller banners and promotional materials. We also provide on-site support at key promotional events from our team of consultants - after all, nobody is better placed to explain a new transport network to customers than the people who planned it in the first place!